About us

About us

Rione Monti

Andrea is the owner of a small restaurant, a tavern in the historic center of Rome, Rione Monti, the oldest neighborhood where there are monuments of Roman, Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, a succession of styles that covers 2500 years of history. Frequented by both tourists and Romans in search of a special atmosphere and authenticity, Monti is experiencing a new period of commercial and cultural ferment that led to the opening of new craft shops, small eateries and street food, studios and ateliers artists in search of visibility.

rione monti

ristorante a monti

Il ristorante

La Cicala e la Formica enjoys a strategic location in the district, is open for both lunch and dinner, has an outdoor area where you can have a meal or a drink and an interior with 36 seats arranged in two rows with a central corridor leading to the kitchen. Its environment is informal and friendly. The result is like entering a family dining room, its customers feel at home. The walls of his restaurant welcome paintings by young artists and exhibits rotate periodically creating new atmospheres. The staff is young, friendly and professional, able to guide the customer in the right choice of dishes and wine.

La cucina

Andrea pampers guests with its traditional Mediterranean cuisine and with some delights of the Tuscan and Ligurian tradition. The cuisine is typical and regional, with homemade pasta, bread and cakes with the flavor of the dishes from our childhood. Lunigiana has a place of honor in this kitchen where you can taste some typical products of the tradition lunigianense: testaroli al pesto, lardo di Colonnata, mushrooms, torta di erbi, panigacci.

testaroli al pesto

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